The City Council has proposed a three year plan to implement the cuts to council funding.

Newcastle as with other Inner City, disadvantaged  and usually Labour councils have seen a greater cut in funding and services. Though the cuts are affecting every council and are an ideological attack on public services and local democracy. Under the guise of the economic crisis the government are pushing through unnecessary cuts and Labour councils are implementing them.

If you have a lot of patience you can read the councils budget’s pages and find much detail, but it takes time and patience see: here

Or you can see Unison’s pages on the cuts including my summary of the cuts proposed last year here and some breakdown of newcastle and regional cuts on false economy here

You read much in the news recently here and here including how councils will go bankrupt and how Newcastle will not even be able to deliver statutory services in next few years here and here

More on local fighiting and campaigning against cuts including videos of protests here

And on why Councillors should vote against Cuts and why workers and public should demand they don’t from Councillors against Cuts here

And how Unison members voted against leadership to support Councillors against cuts and to campaign to get councillors to vote against all cuts here