The Cuts are destroying local government.  Workloads, stress, low morale, lower pay and hardship are devastating us

I’m standing to build a campaigning Unison which uses our resources to fightback.

Saving jobs and improving conditions is the best way to represent our members and to secure our finances.

We need to

  • Stand up to management
  • Call on Councillors to vote against cuts.
  • Challenge management for ignoring what we said in staff survey
  • Work for a proper fight over pay
  • Build a higher profile campaign to defend jobs / reduce workload (even voluntary redundancies mean extra work!)

I will:

  • Defend our strike fund – propose we use it
  • Fight to target resources to organising, involving, and communicating with members – more active in the workplace.

I want the branch to:

  • Review paying an “honorarium” to officers: is spending £30,000 on top of salaries the best use of funds?
  • Involve more members: if the AGM attracts less than 3 percent, let’s review timing, provide childcare, hold two AGMs, etc
  • Reform elections, ask candidates to produce manifestos, officers to write reports for AGM and consider postal ballots
  • Review who is on release to the union, prioritise organising with members over meetings with management

About me

I have been a member for 16 years; I’m convenor for Children’s Services and a steward. I’m active in many local campaigns and struggles. I’m a socialist and a supporter of Workers’ Liberty (

Experience of managing large budget (at work and as treasurer of community / tenants groups)