Unison members alongside members of Unite and GMB are being asked by union leaderships to reject the 1% pay offer in local government in a “consultative ballot” in branches.  At the same time Unison members in Health will unisonnoto1%_Layout 2be meeting at national health conference in Brighton to discuss rejecting their 1% (and no increments) offer.

Local government are the poor relations in the public sector. Our pay has falled by over 16% in real terms since 2010, and is rejected to fall by 25% by the next general election if we dont win a bigger increase from the employers.

We are facing the complete destruction of council services with hundreds of thousands of job cuts and service closures, while those “lucky” enough to keep their jobs facing unrealistic work pressure for less pay.

Work harder, Paid Less, Deliver Poor Services. There is no choice now but to reject. But in rejecting we need to be clear to Unison we expect a serious strategy:

– not tokenistic one day strikes

– strike pay or hardship to the lowest pay and those in need from day one (provided by national, region or branch) a call out for fundraising and other unions if necessary

– selective and creative action

– include members in decison making on the strategy from the start

– a political campaign from the start, challenge, tories, lib dems and labour, and use our link with labour to demand they commit to living wage and investment in council services

– link up with other unions and other sections of unison, if health agree to action, why cant health and local government be taking action by the end of June.. if they leadership of both health and loc gov are recommending rejection, they should get the paperwork in place now, so they can call a ballot of all health and local government workers at the end of April, ballot in May and take action in June.

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