After our Tyne and Wear (and wider region) open planning meeting on 14 March I reported to other NC members what we had planned.  And some comments and feedback on the left NEC slate, the EU debate
1. Campaigning: In line with Momentum’s national priorities we continuing to support activity on NHS campaigning. We have called a joint march and Rally with PA on NHS on 9 April: The key demands are:
– reverse privatisation
– a comprehensive fully funded, publicly owned and run NHS
– support junior doctors, no to imposition
– save NHS bursaries
– support decent pay for all health workers, 1% is an insult
We believe as agreed at NC we can push radical left demands and take groups like PA and others with us.
This is called by us, PA, KONHSP, BMA Junior Doctors committee, NHS Bursary campaign. We are very fortunate having the secretary of our Junior Doctors committee as a member of Momentum and also on the National Jr Dr committee. We should interview him for Momentum national website maybe as well?
We have also been out on picket lines and supporting other doctors and NHS bursary campaign protests.
2. NEC GRCL slate. While we understand that this slate is already drawn up for this year. We feel next year we want to consider how to be part of this slate that we need a more time for discussion about drawing up slate for future years.
3. EU. At our steering group in was unanimous that we support the labour in campaign and that Momentum should be working with Another Europe is Possible, Workers Europe as well as Labour IN campaigns. We need to develop and use radical socialist propaganda
for staying and fighting in Europe. We are still concerned that Momentum doesn’t have a position. We dont dispute there are some in Momentum who are for exit, but the answer is discussion and debate and its unfortunate if we dont make that possible in Momentum. We feel the default position as with others is to support the Labour position on this, and that this should be discussed at the next NC
4. It was reported by student and youth comrades that Momentum Student and Youth regional pages had been set up nationally. We want to request that these pages for the Northern region be locally run and want to propose that Harry Cross (Durham) and Ella Thorp (Newcastle) both young members and students be made the moderators for these pages and they will locally and democratically ensure we have a group of young and student activists across the North involved in this work.
5. Finally as part of the Labour North conference weekend, myself and Rachel (new member and key Momentum activist) were on the BBC Sunday politics show, though we only got a sound bite each. It was good they asked for a represent Momentum