Draft Summary of 31 July North East and Cumbria Regional Network Momentum

Attendance: Ed Whitby (Tyne and Wear and National Committee) Jo Land (Darlington and NC) Charlotte Austin (County Durham / Bishop Auckland, Student and Youth), James Doran (Darlington), Steve Cooke (Teesside), Barbara Campbell (Teesside), Rachel Broadbent (Tyne and Wear), Denise Robson (Gateshead and Blaydon), Catherine Donovan (Gateshead and Braydon), Bill Haylock (Hexham), Will Haughan (Sunderland)

Apols: Benj Eckford (Durham); Harry (Durham Student and Youth); Ella (Newcastle Student and Youth); Lesley Spillard (NTyneside) Vicki Gilbert (NTYneside) Penny (Hexham) ; John Taylor (Teesside)

1. Data issue and nation builder – discussion on problems getting emails sent out. Proposals for a forum / email group for data people to support each other, for two data people to be allowed per group, more trust to groups (i.e. why cannot they send out direct perhaps after a few months support), allowing local reply-to email (i.e. lots people just reply to national email ). Ed Shared momentumtechdata@gmail.com for support as well. Rachel offered support to Bill and Will

2. Coordinating and organising now local Momentum Groups have people with different roles (social media, press etc) discussed Loomio groups but most people dont use this, need to plan local practical methods to network

3. Group working / setting up and boundaries – there was a some discussion about whether people can have both local groups and wider groups, some are CLP based and some are wider. Also proposal that people should be able to get info about two groups (i.e. Student and Home; Work and home, or Teesside wide and then Stockton North etc) More local groups are developing (CLP wide in Northumberland) and perhaps in Teesside and Tyne and Wear. Need to consider how groups coordinate when close to big town or city where rallies might happen, but need to get involved in local issues and coordinating in CLPs too. Might need to consider ways of doing this. i.e. One month local group (i.e. Gateshead, Sunderland) second month Tyne and Wear wide etc.

4. National JC4L campaign and National JC4L Student and Youth campaign – it was raised that people didn’t know these roles were coming up, if they could have applied or put themselves forward, or how we could have played a role in making sure we all coordinated locally rather than risk of duplication and confusion. Need more clarity about how decision are made.  Concerns over delays in national materials, how to donate, etc. Ed reported on production of 2000 local stickers and 1000 leaflets. Ed reported on proposals for Sunderland rally, but people keen to push for more dates in the region and info asap,

5. Momentum Funds – raised that we have members donating and in response to our emails and some of us are paying regularly £10 per month, questions asked about changing that to local Momentum accounts if we dont have access to these funds or materials. Also questions about who is working for Momentum if staff have been seconded to JC4L, as we need to do both at once. Ed and Jo to raise at NC

6. UPDATE on leadership nominations in region and dates and venues of upcoming CLP meetings

7. National Committee Ed and Jo reported briefly on NC and Ed shared info about his notes of the meetings and how we had voted see here:

May 2016 NC https://edsunionblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/report-of-momentum-national-committee-21-may-2016-manchester/
February 2016 NC https://edsunionblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/steps-forward-for-momentum-report-of-first-momentum-national-committee-6-february-2016/
Proposal that we should urge the Steering Committee to call a NC meeting in August in place of the postponed meeting in July. It was felt that democracy had to come first and we needed the opportunity to discuss how the leadership campaign was going, input into national discussions and that Momentum plans for LP conference and our own National Conference in Jan- Feb 2017 couldn’t be put on hold. This was agreed to be submitted.
8. Proposals for regional conference – Jamie Driscoll (Tyne and Wear ). The following were agreed. That we go ahead with the plan for a regional conference in the Autumn, that observers be allowed at the Regional Network meetings. That we set up other Momentum regional networks to help coordinate key areas of work. Jamie’s proposal to be circulated to allow full consideration.  (See at end)

9. Labour Party conference. Update on The World Transformed event and need to coordinate delegates and share contemporary motions.

10 . Momentum National Conference. At the last NC a national conference was agreed for January / Februrary 2017. This was agreed as a delegate based policy making conference. .The regional network agreed that it was preferable for this to be and big as possible and that it should elect its national committee.

PROPOSAL FROM JAMIE FOR REGIONAL CONFERENCE SEE proposal-for-a-momentum-northern-region-conference