Approx 30 people from across Tyne and Wear and beyond

Motions agreed at the meeting: going-forward-proposal-from-tw-to-nec-region-agreed-19-oct-2016-final-amended

Jane chaired

Ed proposed motions on National Conference delegates and motions for National Committee and proposed further structure to be discussed at the National Conference in February including expanded National Committee.

Agreed as amended with the following key points:

  • plan to improve representation of under represented groups both locally and at conference itself
  • debate on who can join voted by 13 to 9 with some absensions on being Labour Party member or affiliated member to join Momentum after some discussion
  • Steering committee suggested we request NC investigate proposals to ensure is more representative of regions / nations
  • Call regional network a council not network
  • Support people who want to set up new equality / liberation groups or propose changes to existing ones

There was much discussion and Ed and Jill Mountford were commended for their hard work on this paper.

Jamie proposed Motion on Momentum three companies and ensuring they the data, staff and income are under democratic control of momentum and its democratic bodies. Passed after good discussion

Details of regional conference 3 December were announced

Agreed :

-motions could be circulated 5 days prior to meetings in future
-campaigning discussions to occur at regional conference
-future elections mentioned for positions within Momentum Tyne and Wear agreed to call organising meeting.

Tom (ACORN) and John (Centre against unemployment) talked about campaigns represented and supporters unemployed and those renting from private landlords agreed to support and share information

Ed announced 93% vote for Strike action from Durham TAs and we agreed to send message of solidarity and promote via our networks.

See link for PDF to motions here: going-forward-proposal-from-tw-to-nec-region-agreed-19-oct-2016-final-amended