Last Sunday BBC North East and Cumbria covered Corbyn’s re-election and the cabinet reshuffle, and those MPs previously attacking Corbyn returning to shadow ministerial team. Myself (Ed Whitby) and Jane Byrne from Momentum Tyne and Wear were interviewed alongside local MPs including newly promoted Nick Brown MP (chief whip)

See here

From 42 minutes in the NE feature with Dr Martin Farr at 44 minutes in, me and Jane 44 mins 30 seconds and Nick Brown from 45 mins 30 seconds.

(though i think this link will only stay live for 30 days)

Ed and Jane were asked what they thought of previous Corbyn critics coming back to the shadow cabinet.

Jane B: “Obviously we were disappointed with the way some members of the Parliamentary Labour Party behaved, they now got an opportunity to work together to get passed that, and they have an opportunity to prove themselves”

Ed W: “Those MPs who are coming back and coming back under Corbyn’s leadership and to work with those policies that members have voted for this summer”

Momentum’s North East and Cumbria regional conference on 3 December in Newcastle with provide an opportunity for members to discuss things like re-selection of MPs, what policies we think Labour should fight for and how we organise in Momentum.

I for one think Momentum should support re-election of MPs like we do councillors like we do all officers in our CLPS and wards, in our Trade Unions locally and nationally. We should treat them as our labour movement representatives in parliament. In also think we need to talk more about labour MPs on workers wages (average skilled median wage etc) as many of us argue for in the labour movement. So join these exciting debates and discussions,  people who havent yet joined Momentum should join and come to this event see facebook event here