Support Picture House Strikers, Support Durham Teaching Assistants

Picture House strikers

Last month at Tyne and Wear Momentum’s meeting we did a collection for the Ritzy Strikers (campaigning for the London Living Wage) and its great to see there action is making and impact see Guardian feature here

Its also great to here that they have been joined by another London picture house cinema in Hackney to keep up with them both you should follow there facebook pages here and here

And you can help with the crowdfunding appeal for this strike here

But also i would urge all Momentum groups to circulate this motion to their members and all momentum supporters to raise this motion in their Trade Union or Labour Party, my Unison branch is discussing making a £150 donation on Monday.  So see this model motion and request for donations and support including a petition collection sheet here: tu-motion

Durham Teaching Assistants

Every Momentum group in the North should get these amazing workers to their group and help build support for there fight against 23% pay cut being imposed by a Labour council on 2700 mainly low paid women workers.

You can read more here about how the nearly 2000 unison members voted by 93% for strike action and ATL members by 85%. Strike action looks set for 8 and 9 November.

You can like and follow there information on their Facebook page here and support their strike fund by giving to their crowdfunding page here