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We’re now less than 5 weeks away from the first ever Northern Region Momentum conference.  It will be a full day event  in The Castlegate in Newcastle on Saturday 3rd December 2016.  We’re putting together a line up of interactive participatory workshops, top speakers and cultural events.  Tickets will be available soon, on a pay-as-you-can basis.   The conference workshops, talks and events are open to everyone, but there will be an additional morning session for democratic decision making open to all paid-up Momentum members.   If you want to stand for election, submit a resolution, volunteer, or chair a conference session, please see the additional details below.

Help us build the conference:

Sharing this letter with your supporters and members in your local groups and by email and by sharing on Facebook and twitter
Click ‘going’ on the Facebook event to receive a notification when tickets are on sale.  It is possible they will sell out quickly.
If you haven’t already, you can join Momentum £10 waged/£5 unwaged – only members will be able to submit motions and vote in morning session.


On the day of the conference we will need volunteers to help with setting up rooms, checking tickets, stewarding, and other logistical tasks.  We’re aiming to have people help out for a shift of an hour or two each.
If you would like to help build the New Kind of Politics and help out with the conference, please email Jamie on , with a quick note saying where you’re based.
This section explains the formal processes of conference.  Please bear with us, it is necessary to get the democratic process right.


Motions can be submitted to this email address:
Local groups can submit resolutions, which will gain priority over resolutions from individuals.
Any individual Momentum member can submit a resolution if they have 9 other Momentum members to second it.
Resolutions must be submitted before 12 noon on Monday 21st November 2016.  This allows the organisers to make sure everyone has a chance to see and consider resolutions before conference.
Motions can be on any matter, but if there are too many to schedule, there is a priority system.
There is a Facebook group exclusively for discussing conference resolutions.  If you want to see what other people are thinking of submitting, ask for advice, or canvass seconders for your resolution, that’s the place to start.  If you’re new to Facebook, just ask to join the group, it’s that simple.  Apologies, but we don’t have the resources to set up a dedicated website.
Momentum Northern Region Conference Resolutions
More details on the process of which resolutions will be taken is posted on the Facebook Group.


Two delegates from the North East & Cumbria region will be elected by a one member one vote secret ballot on the day of conference.  At least one of those elected will be a woman.
Any Momentum member can stand.
Nominations must be submitted by 12 noon on 25th November 2016 (7 days begin conference) by email to the conference organiser:
Nominations should be accompanied by supporting text of no more than 200 words.
Candidates will be invited to make a 2 minute speech to conference in support of their candidacy (absent candidates can submit a simple 2 minute video recording).
Tellers will be elected at the morning of conference, and results announced at the end of the morning session.

Session Chairs:

The morning conference component will be 2 one hour sessions with a short break in between.  There will inevitably be insufficient time for everyone to say everything they wish to, and it will be necessary to get speakers to keep to time, and to move a guillotine on debates if they over run.
We need four experienced and capable people to chair the sessions, half an hour each.  The aim is to have a broad representation from the local regional groups, with at least 2 of the 4 chairs being women.
We are inviting local groups to nominate experienced, capable people to chair a session; groups should avoid nominating people who wish to stand as National Committee delegates.
In the event of over subscription, candidates will be selected by drawing lots on the day.

Download this information sheet and invitation letter submissions-and-elections-email-draft-2016-nov-1st