Anyone in the Durham area should get to a picket line tomorrow (tuesday) or County Hall at 9am on Wednesday and support the Durham TAs.

The political significance of reclaiming our labour movement: both our unions – controlled by their members and acting in the interest of our class and of the party – being held account by the workers its was founded to represent.

I couldn’t explain the significance better than Ben Sellers post over at his blog here so please give it a read and a share.

People who cannot visit the picket line can do a few things:

  1. Sign up for the online thunderclap protest here
  2. Follow them on twitter here
  3. Get there union branch to make a donation or donate direct yourselves here
  4. And most importantly in your local Labour Party, Union branch or Momentum group talk about fighting cuts, and opposing attacks on pay and conditions. Start this debate now and give workers and yourselves the confidence to fight back. The Durham TAs struggle is all our struggle.