The national committee agreed in May: “We need a representative Momentum conference in order to empower the membership, push forward the the development of our policy, activities and allow groups to coordinate, network and become part of a national momentum culture. We therefore agree to convene a democratic conference (in Feb 2017) representing local groups directly”

How this conference should be organised
Agree date for conference and timetable
Elect a conference arrangements committee of 7 people to implement this (from NC)
Proposals for the Constitution (future structure of National Committee/Council; Steering Committee; Regional Network; National Conference; Liberation / Equality groups) before end of December, with proposals for alternative / amendments to be submitted by motion deadline – See later
Confirm that conference will be delegate based with motions submitted by local groups, regional networks, liberation groups , student & youth and National Committee

Purpose: our national annual conference is the sovereign, democratic body, representing members via local groups, with most time given over to formal decision making including motions. But also allowing political education, discussion and networking.

Powers: To establish and amend the constitution, discuss and decide policy, elect part of the National Committee / Council (subject to proposal / Constitution decided), and hold committees and officers to account. To publish and circulate minutes and decisions to all members.

Composition of delegates:
Local groups – proposal 2 delegates per 50  members or part thereof, 4 delegates per 50 etc upto a maximum 10, with at least 50% women (at least one young delegate upto 4, and 2 upto 10)
Affiliated TUs – 5 for unions with membership of below 250,000, 10 for those above 250,000
S&Y / liberation groups: 1 per region from each  organised by a local network open and advertised to all in region and 4 from any national body that has democratically been elected
outgoing National Committee (including Regional Network NC delegates)

Motion / policy submission: Each group that can send delegates can submit motions.
Local groups – 2 motions
Affiliated TUs – 2 motions
S&Y and Liberation groups – 1 motion each
NC – 2 motions and constitution proposals
Regional network – 2 motions and amendment to or alternative constitution

Delegates allocation are confirmed by end of December to each group and delegates names to be submitted 2 weeks before conference.

Motions to be submitted 3 weeks before conference (i.e. from 5 Dec to X Jan / Feb)
All motions to be shared on X date online and groups encouraged to composite motions (motions composited by more groups will move higher up the agenda as incentive to composite)

Conference Arrangements Committee to come up with more detailed proposals about compositing, and whether a priority ballot needs to happen and chairing debates, timings and number of speeches allowed.

Online priority ballots of all members to be considered to give guidance on which motions should be highest up the agenda for the conference or regional groups or local groups vote in priority ballot?