Here is the agenda including the proposals for conference and motions to the conference all 31 pages of it:


Overview of membership demographics nationally:


Changes to the composition of the National Committee including breakdowns of the OMOV vote and regional votes.

There are a number of errors in this. That were given to us as delegates in our pack on the day. The worry is not just that there was a low turnout in especially the regional elections (first preferences from 9 in london to 14 in yorkshire and humberside etc) or that many people didnt get votes, or werent allowed or invited to stand etc.

So the data used for calculating the figures gave North West – 2428 and North East 618.  The new figure given to us for the North East and Cumbria region is now 824, so this would mean we would get an extra delegates for those not covered by local groups. If those 206 votes were removed from the North West region, they would not have had a delegate elected by OMOV.

I was told by a staff member that it wasnt that clear because there has been a surge since the Trump election, so the numbers have gone up in our region over 824 due to that. But that might mean we would not have got an extra delegate, but since the NW figure including Cumbria was 28 votes above 2400 they got an extra OMOV delegate with the figures from North Cumbria which is clearly in our region. I think this needs challenging.


Thoughts online voting / referenda.

Included in this paperwork is breakdown of membership is breakdowns of the number of delegates elected by OMOV and the explanation.

Below I have shown winning candidates and their first preference vote (I have just shown first preference as I think this shows number of votes you needed to get as 1st choice in the election, though more people vote in total)

There have been a number of concerns raised (as above), the database wasnt upto date and I think we need to be cautious of overstating how accessible online voting is and how many people take part in it.

The regional OMOV votes are especially concerning. In our region North East and Cumbria we have had meetings of over 45 members (the highest regional vote) in most of our local groups (Tyne and Wear, Hexham, Darlington, Durham etc) and I dont think we have had any meeting as small as 9 people (the votes achieved in London region)

Over 8000 of Momentum members are women, over 2000 LGBT+, over 1400 BAME and over 2400 Disabled.  The number of votes, especially first preferences seen to show that.

If the process to vote between 20 or less candidates in an online ballot isnt reaching more people than local groups then would we think that 300 motions on a website with amendments and a live streamed 6 hour conference would necessarily engage thousands of people not reached by local groups. I think this must be in doubt. Online voting in this example was very straightforward but with between 9% and 16% of members taking part, I think our experience in the North East is that we are getting as high or a higher proportion than that actually attending meetings. Get in touch if you want to discuss this more