What was carried at conference

1. The first annual conference to consider structure, policy and strategy
Incorporating proposals from Jill Mountford and Matt Wrack + North East and Cumbria Region + North West Region + London Region
Purpose: The national annual conference is the sovereign, democratic body, representing members via local groups, with most time given over to formal decision making including motions, but also allowing political education, discussion and networking.
Powers: To establish and amend the constitution, and discuss and decide the broad political and campaigning priorities for the organisation over the coming period a nd questions of strategy and tactics relating to our involvement in the Labour Party.

2. Timing of conference – Submitted by the Steering Committee
Saturday 25 February 2017 (amended to include this or 18 February or 4 March)

3. How proposals get to conference
Based on proposals by London, North East and Cumbria and West Midlands Regions
1. Motions entitlement is as follows:
.    a.   Each local group may send 1 motion.
.    b.   Momentum Youth & Students and liberation groups may send 1 motion each.
.    c.   Each affiliated unions may send 1 motion.
.    d.   The National Committee may send 1 motion or constitutional amendment.
.    e.   Each Regional Committee may send 1 motion or constitutional amendment.
2. Motions to be submitted 3 weeks before conference (i.e. from 5 Dec to Jan/Feb) either on just aims, structures and ethics (if option A in #1 above is agreed), or on policy and campaigning in addition (if option B in #1 above is agreed).
3. All motions to be published online on a date to be agreed by the Conference arrangements committee and groups encouraged to composite motions (motions composited by more groups will move higher up the agenda as incentive to composite). Amendments to be circulated before the conference.
4. An open e-forum for all members should be set up, where motions can be discussed, amendments can be mooted and compositing processes can be arranged.
5. There should be an online priorities ballot.

4. Composition of conference
a: the basic formula for delegate entitlements (from Steering committee)
Delegates from verified local groups elected by STV elections in which only members may
vote, on the basis of number of members in that area.
● 2 delegates (including at least one woman) for the first and subsequent 100 members or part thereof.
●  Delegations must be at least half women and with at least 1 youth for delegations of 4 and above and 2 for delegations of 8 and above.
b: the representation of members not covered by local groups
Members in areas without local groups to be represented at the same rate as members in groups, elected by OMOV ballot in regions. (Steering Committee and Yorkshire and Humberside region)
North East and Cumbria Region (as amended)
Motions from any 30 (amended from 10) members in areas where there is no branch
c: the representation of equalities strands
London Region
Momentum Youth & Students and liberation groups may send a number of delegates to be agreed by the National Committee in consultation with these groups, subject to the verification of structures and election processes by the National Committee.

5. Who organises conference?
Submitted by North East and Cumbria Region and Steering Committee
The NC should elect by STV a conference arrangements committee of 7 members to make further decisions regarding the agenda, subject to the approval of the conference where possible, and to the decisions of the NC and SC to date.

6. How voting is done at conference?
London Region
Momentum’s national conference in February 2017 should be a delegate-based conference with decision-making by delegates voting at the conference.

7. How local groups elect delegates
Face to face in meetings open to all members in a local group


Motion 1: National housebuilding programme
Submitted by South East Region
1. Labour’s proposed national house building programme should be based on eco council housing where all properties have solar panels and other green technologies
2. Labour’s proposed national house building programme should be based on eco council housing. Eco council houses should have solar panels and other green technologies.
3. Labour should also commit to providing eco refurbishment for all forms of existing social housing and privately owned properties, at no cost for the associations and/or householder(s).
4. The aim of Eco housing would be to provide homes, skilled and well paid jobs, tackle fuel poverty and enable all to enjoy clean, renewable energy at little or no cost.
Eco Housing would play a central role in tackling climate change and pollution and enable sustainable economic growth, stimulating a green industrial revolution.
5. All Momentum groups to promote the policy in their momentum and labour party branches

Motion 2: Defend migrants, defend free movement Momentum Youth and Students National Committee and Lewisham
Momentum NC believes:
1. Migrants rights and freedom of movement are now at the top of the political agenda, including in the Labour Party. It is right that Momentum’s national committee, as the elected representatives of the Labour left’s grassroots, takes a position in that debate.
Momentum NC further believes
People have migrated throughout human history. Without freedom of movement, the right to move safely and freely is enjoyed only by the rich.
2. The social problems we face are not caused by migrants but by cuts, a lack of social housing and regulation of the private rented sector, and an economic model that has failed working class people.
3. Pandering to the idea that immigration is the cause of social problems is tactically naïve, and cannot lead to electoral victory for Labour. We need to change the narrative and win a battle of ideas.
4. Momentum, Labour and the whole labour movement must resist the scapegoating of migrants and campaign for unity of all workers to win more resources and better jobs, homes, services and rights for everyone, regardless of origin.
5. Momentum must fight for Labour to resist the growing pressure to cave in on freedom of movement and migrants’ rights. The social problems we face are not caused by migrants but by austerity and capitalist attacks on the working class.
Momentum NC resolves
1. To campaign for Labour to resist the growing pressure to cave in on freedom of movement and migrants’ rights.
2. To campaign to defend and extend freedom of movement in the context of the Brexit negotiations, including the establishment of a Labour movement-based campaign for free movement and working with existing campaigns.
3. To write privately to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to express the view of Momentum’s national committee.

Motion 4: Suspensions and annulments
Submitted by North West Region
This Momentum National Committee expresses its solidarity with:
●  Party members in suspended Labour Parties including Wallasey;
●  Party members where their democratic operation is under attack, such as Liverpool Riverside whose AGM is being delayed;
●  Brighton and Hove DLP whose elections have been annulled, and
●  Members who have been unjustly suspended and expelled across the country.
The National Committee agrees to:
1.    Support activists in Wallasey CLP, Liverpool Riverside CLP and Brighton and Hove DLP in quickly re-establishing their Parties under the democratic control of their members;
2.    Investigate which other CLPs and Party Branches are suspended and why, trying to make contact with activists and offer help and support;
3.    Issue a national email to the Momentum database with a model motion urging supporters to put it to Party Branches, CLPs and affiliated Unions, to raise this issue across the country.
4.    Work with Labour Party units and Trade Unions to convene a meeting of activists to consider what further practical steps can be taken at all levels in the Party and the unions to get suspended CLPs functioning again, establish fair and proper procedures for considering complaints, and ensure that individual members are fairly treated. The meeting should be a working event, involving Momentum Steering Committee members, left wing NEC members, activists from suspended Parties, and people from the various groups which are campaigning on these issues. It should aim to draw up an agreed plan of action to assist suspended Parties and unjustly expelled or suspended members.