You can read elsewhere on this blog about the recent attacks on democracy in Momentum and why we need a grassroots-led and democratic organisation.

Despite the undemocratic imposition of the new constitution, despite the bizarre nature of the three super-regions (eg the whole of Northern England, Scotland, Ireland the rest of the world is one region), despite the fact that members can only elect a minority of NCG members, and despite the reservation of seats for organisations with no democratic structures – I urge comrades to vote.

Pro-democracy, radical left representatives on the NCG can link up with local groups and grassroots activists to help them coordinate and network, win democratic reforms in the organisation, and support campaigning and debate – see more here.

That is why I am supporting the following “Grassroots Momentum” candidates in the NCG election –

North, Scotland and rest of the world region:

  • Camila Bassi
  • Helen Rutherford- Gregory
  • Alan Runswick
  • Gary Waring

see also link to their facebook page here

Midlands, East, West and Wales region:

  • Liz Yates
  • Rida Vacquas
  • Phil Pope

South East and London region:

  • Anita Downs
  • Sahaya James
  • Yannis Gourtsoyannis
  • Jamie Green

see also link  to their facebook page here

These comrades are wide range of socialist activists with a rich variety of labour movement and activist experience.

To read all the manifestos and vote go here:

You need your Momentum Membership ID number and your membership email address to vote.