Ed's union & Momentum blog

North East Socialist activist in Unison, Labour and Momentum (of course all personal capacity!)

About this blog, Ed, Momentum and stuff

This is Ed Whitby’s personal blog – though its also where i put my Momentum and other reports (local, regional and national) to people to whom i am accountable can read, comment etc.

At was one of the two National Committee representatives from the North East and Cumbria region and I am secretary  of Newcastle Momentum

I am also Labour Link officer of Newcastle City Unison Branch and attend Unison Northern Labour committee.

I am a delegate to Newcastle East CLP and a member of the executive committtee.

I am active in Red Labour locally and trade union and LGBT activist.

I am a senior shop steward for Unison in Children’s Services, was previously Unison Convenor (amongst other roles) I work in early education in local government, so have particular interest in public services, Sure Start and early education

I am a supporter of Workers’ Liberty contributing to its newspaper Solidarity

I support the Stop the Labour purge campaign, The Clarion magazine and am active in many other campaigns

I am sure I have failed to include some other things.. apologies.


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