Ed's union & Momentum blog

North East Socialist activist in Unison, Labour and Momentum (of course all personal capacity!)

My experience


I have been a member for over 16 years.

I have been a steward at Newcastle City Council for 13 years, becoming a steward within the first year of starting at the council. I have been equalities and campaigns officers in the past.

For the last 2 years I have been job share convenor for Children’s Services elected by other Children’s Services shop stewards.

I have been a delegate to unison national conference, regional conference and council.

I regularly take motions to branch meetings recently: proposing a proper campaign over pay £1 per hour campaign, building the national demonstration to defend the NHS (and I coordinated the transport) and a fight over cuts, this led to the massive demonstration in February against all the cuts in which play and youth workers and chilren and young people played a massive role.

When cuts to Play workers were proposed, I met weekly with play workers and helped them build a campaign get access to branch resources,

Treasurer and finance experience.

Until recently i was treasurer of my local St Ann’s community centre, preparing accounts for meetings and AGM, preparing for audits, and successfully applying for Grant Aid and other awards

I was previously treasurer of Byker Village Tenants Association, as well as helping coordinate funds and fundraising for Newcastle Save Our Services demonstrations and Anti Cuts Network.

I helped organise three fundraising benefits (one for NHS demo, one for ACN and one to raise funds for Striking Metro Cleaners)

As part of my work I am a manage budgets.

Campaigner and activist

As well as being a socialist and supporter of Workers Liberty I am a active in many local campaigns and struggles.

I am involved in opposing and challenging cuts through Anti Cuts Network, Keep NHS Public, Public Service Alliance and Peoples Assembly.
I was central to organising last years massive Newcastle demonstration against the cuts. I coordinated the 3 coaches sent from Newcastle for TUC national demonstration to save the NHS last summer.

I work with students and education workers in Newcastle Free Education Network and National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

I am a supporter of Councillors Against Cuts

I support other workers in struggle, showing solidarity on picket lines from Metro Cleaners to University and College workers, and proposing support from our union funds and helping with fundraising benefits.


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